Mike Dorsey has produced several short films and other non-commercial projects for fun and experimentation. These include the Super 35mm shorts The Neighbors Upstairs and News Junkie, and the digital shorts Crossing Superstition and Valley Village.

Additional Info:

  • Genres

    Dark Comedy

  • Flim Medium

    Super 35mm, 1080p Video

In this ode to a favorite film, Rear Window, a man with a cold attempts to sleep while his noisy neighbors throw a party upstairs. Produced in Super 35mm.
A 60-second spec commercial cut for fun from The Neighbors Upstairs.
A dark comedy poking fun at television addiction and 24-hour news. Produced in 35mm. Premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival.
A commentary on the inspiration for the composition of the final shot in News Junkie, which was composed to reflect a Helmut Newton photograph.
A pair of conspiracy theorists kidnap a random stranger to save the world. Premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival. A true "no budget" short film produced with friends in 2002. We shot it in the Phoenix area (mostly in Apache Junction and West Phoenix). Shot with a trusty old Canon XL1.
A couple of inept killers attempt to execute a contract hit on a quiet street in Valley Village, CA. Shot with a Sony Z1U.
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