Below are several short documentaries that were created as part of bigger Marauder Works projects, or as stand-alone pieces.

Joe Moser, one of the airmen featured in Lost Airmen of Buchenwald, gets a chance to fly one more time in a P-38 fighter, the same plane that he flew against the Germans in WWII.
After completing Lost Airmen of Buchenwald, we returned to Buchenwald to screen the film. With us was one of the airmen featured in the film, who would see the camp for the first time in decades.
WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT. When Scott Michaels (The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, Dearly Departed, E!'s Hollywood Death Trip) gained access to the infamous Wonderland Murders location via a real estate broker friend, we went with him. We then combined what we found with the original (bloody) crime scene video.
A large thunderstorm that was captured by chance during a commercial flight across the US.