Above is a behind-the-scenes video produced during one of Outdoor Channel's Chevy Vignette productions. Below are a selection of photos from Marauder Works productions and public screenings.

At the Dances With Films screening of The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat. (L-R: Architect Dion Neutra, actress Kelly Lynch, real estate agent Crosby Doe, and filmmaker Mike Dorsey)

A steadicam-mounted Red Epic camera filming John Lautner's famous Sheats-Goldstein House in Beverly Hills, CA. (L-R: Cinematographer Dan Haas and steadicam operator Garrett Gutierrez)

Filmming E!'s Hollywood Death Trip in front of Hollywood's world-famous Chinese Theatre with show hosts Danielle Harris and Scott Michaels.

Filming from a helicopter for Outdoor Channel's action-packed Ultimate Match Fishing with camera operator Ryan Moore and producer Mike Dorsey.

Filming Discovery's Turn and Burn car build series in Los Angeles with Brother JD. (Produced by 3net and Superfine Films)

More action on Outdoor Channel's Ultimate Match Fishing with host Fish Fishburne behind the wheel.

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